CAVNET – Communities Against Violence Network

CAVNET is an international victims’ rights organization started and operated by Marc Dubin, Esq., former Special Counsel to the Office on Violence Against Women Office of the US Department of Justice. CAVNET is a resource for those addressing violence against women and other issues, including abuse and criminalization of people with disabilities. Here is a comment by the former Director of the Office on Violence Against Women:


“CAVNET has shown itself to be the premier online networking tool concerning violence against women…. Not only does CAVNET provide timely and substantive research online, it does so in a way that saves time and resources. The busier you are, the more valuable it is. It’s like having a research team of experts, available night and day… As former Director of the Office on Violence Against Women  at the Justice Department, I’m grateful for the resource.” 
– Bonnie Campbell, Former Director of the  Office On Violence Against Women ,U.S. Department of Justice